Club Championships – All entries for Club Championships are now available on line

Enty Forms are currently available below for a number of events including 2021 Mixed Pairs & 2021 Ladies Club Drawn Fours. Dates for a number of 2022 Club Championships have also been locked in. The early posting of these events allows members to plan ahead. Match planning will be dependant on the number of entries to each event and may require 2 games on the one day.

Once entered online players must pay thier entry fee at the bar, Entry fee is $5 per player plus your first round green fee of $12 = $17 per player. Team entry requires full payment for each team memeber.  Once your payment is made place your receipt with your name on it in the entry box at the front door. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE DRAW

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Men's Championships

YearA SinglesB SinglesPairsTriplesFours
2020G BrownC Jamieson R WhittakerC Jamieson, C Johnston, W Patterson S Burke
2019C O'BrienA HallG Brown, G DaleT Phillips, P Carmody, G Anderson, R Whittaker
2018R SloaneA BannisterJ Thomas, M JapundzaW Brown, P Carmody, R WhittakerC Thorpe, D Griffiths, M Sidaway, E Tomsene
2017M WilliamsB ShorterA Hill, P CarmodyA Hall, G Brown, G DaleT Saravanos, C McDonald, R Ward, M Japundza
2016M WilliamsJ McPhersonP Worth, T Somerville J Lennon, J Smith, F DiamondT Quinn, M Williams, P Worth, T Somerville
2015F DiamondA GallacherG Brown, G DaleG Anderson, G Brown, G DaleJ Smith, J Lennon, D Billington, T Somerville
2014D BalchinC McDonaldG Brown, G DaleA Hill, W Cordell, J ThomasA Hill, W Cordell, J Thomas, F Diamond
2013C KleibergW CordellW Cordell, F DiamondJ Lennon, J Smith, F DiamondN Nethery, J Nunn, M Prosser, G Kemsley
2012M MonroR BrownK Hall, G McKayW Cordell, C Kleiberg, M KeeganM Monro, M Keegan, F Diamond, L Fitzhenry
2011F DiamondD MasonL Simpson, F DiamondG Osborne, M Keegan, F DiamondC Kleiberg, M Prosser, F Diamond, B Wakefield
2010I McMahI TurveyM Keegan, L FitzhenryG Osborne, M Keegan, F DiamondF Diamond, L Simpson, I McMah, L Fitzhenry
2009I McMahG OsborneT Quinn, I McMahT Barbara, G Dale, I McMahT Quinn, L Simpson, I McMah, F Diamond
2008G AndersonR HubbleJ Thomas, I MateerG Anderson, P Carmody, K TurveyG Anderson, R White, J Lennon, G Dale
2007M ProsserG StevensM Prosser, I TurveyV Kociurba, L Simpson, T QuinnG Osborne, P Carmody, L Simpson, T Quinn
2006J SmithL CharltonG Anderson, I MateerC O'Brien, T Quinn, L SimpsonT Saravanos, M Prosser, P Kelly, F Diamond
2005T PhillipsS ClarkeT Quinn, L SimpsonT Johnson, M Prosser, P KellyG Anderson, G Wilson, T Quinn, L Simpson
2004P KellyT PhillipsC Reynolds, I MateerC O'Brien, T Quinn, L SimpsonG Anderson, T Quinn, G Wilson, L Simpson
2003G WilsonB KingstonT Quinn, L SimpsonG Anderson, G Morish, N JamiesonP Carmody, T Quinn, G Wilson, L Simpson
2002G WilsonP CarmodyC Reynolds, J DeneheyJ Robertson, G Wilson, E HallP Carmody, T Murphy, T Quinn, J Denehey
2001E HallG MorishS Archibald, R SteinhardtP Carmody, T Quinn, L SimpsonT Murphy, P Carmody, P Wright, S Woods
2000L SimpsonT JohnsonJ Denehey, R TeunonJ O'Dempsey, T Irwin, S GouldG Lake, G Wilson, J Denehey, L Simpson
1999E HallS ArchibaldP Wright, S WoodsG Lake, G Wilson, L SimpsonG Lake, J Denehey, G Wilson, L Simpson
1998B HollingworthN MurrayA Hatten, N StarkG Morish, D Hollingworth, EhallP Carmody, T Murphy, I Haugh, P Wright
1997E HallR BurgessP Wright, E HallW Biddle, N Ridgwell, R SteinhardtD O'Reilly, M Stanley, W Waters, E Eldridge
1996P WrightB BiddleP Wright, E HallJ Barrie, A Niblett, B ScottD O'Reilly, E Hall, W Parnell, E Eldridge
1995E HallJ RichardsonJ Richardson, S GouldS Archibald, A Hatten, B BrockhurstG Murray, B Biddle, N Rodgwell, R Steinhardt
1994E HallA HattenM Dobbyn, B BrockhurstA Lea, E Eldridge, E HallA Lea, D Ehlers, G Wallace, E Eldridge
1993E HallM BakerW Parnell, J DeneheyA Hatten, W Parnell, J DeneheyF McGreevy, N Crosbie, N Murray, N Stark
1992E HallA LeaM Dobbyn, E HallH Davey, E Eldridge, W ParnellR Walton, W Robinson, M Dobbyn, E Hall
1991W ParnellN RidgwellJ Richardson, M CeccatoM Baker, J Richardson, R SteinhardtD Young, N Murray, P Goldberg, B Brockhurst
1990R BarrettH DaveyE Eldridge, W EvansG Murray, D Ehlers, F McGreevyM Baker, R Crawford, R Walton, R Steinhardt
1989M CeccatoB GrahamR Barrett, W ParnellB Graham, W Parnell, R BarrettM Payne, R Barrett, E Eldridge, M Ceccato
1988E HallO ZanettiE Eldridge, M CeccatoO Zanetti, W Parnell, R BarrettE Eldridge, V McGregor-Lowndes, W Evans, M Ceccato
1987D ReynoldsB StedmanR Lloyd, P GoldbergR Steinhardt, H Strybos, K MaguireD Ehlers, S Davies, D Ross, W Parnell
1986W EvansTJ BrysonH Davey, R BarrettH Davey, E Eldridge, W EvansJ Perren, H Davey, E Eldridge, W Evans
1985M PayneB BrockhurstR Steinhardt, W ParnellH Davey, E Eldridge, W Evans
1984W ParnellK HallE Eldridge, W EvansJ Bourke, R Steinhardt, W ParnellJ Bourke, B Brockhurst, R Steinhardt, W Parnell
1983W ParnellH BurchgartE Eldridge, W EvansR Barrett, E Eldridge, W EvansG Batten, R Barrett, E Eldridge, W Evans
1982G ConnorR SteinhardtS Bignell, A ParishE Allars, K Butcher, D LloydN Stark, B Stedman, F Hardie, W Beicht
1981R BarrettW BeichtR Adams, J BrearleyV Clayton, G Connor, W ParnellL Gray, R Dams, G Connor, W Parnell
1980P GoldbergW HorneJ Bourke, W ParnellI McMillan, W Horne, N GayJ Robbins, V Sims, R Bishop, R Filer
1979W EvansJ BourkeJ Bourke, W ParnellL Williams, R Barrett, J PerrenV Clayton, J Brearley, J Archibald, R Norden
1978R AndrewH BlackH Black W Evens, R AndrewJ Bourke, B Davies, P GoldbergK Butcher, W Horne, H Schoenauer, W Parnell
1977W EvansP NewgreenJ Brearley, E LloydH Schoenauer, R Andrew, W EvansJ Brearley, J McEneny, L Williams, J Perren

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